Orlison Brewing Co.

obc-1Orlison Brewing Co., located in Airway Heights, WA, is a small craft lager brewery looking to convert ale enthusiasts everywhere into true lager fans. Originally founded in 2009, Orlison Brewing Co. is committed to providing true beer lovers with the best lagers brewed in today’s fast paced beer producing community. From the flavorful Pilsner 37 and Ünderground to their deliciously smooth Havanüther, Orlison Brewing Co. proudly stands behind their line of carefully crafted lagers. Their motto, Brew No Evil™, is a statement of their commitment to brewing the cleanest, clearest and tastiest lagers available today. Orlison Brewing Co. is the first Inland Northwest brewery to can their beer, a distinction they are proud of.

12921 W. 17th Ave.
Airway Heights, WA 99001

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