Old Schoolhouse Brewery

OSB siteCasey and Laura Rudd purchased what became the Old Schoohouse Brewery (OSB) in 2008. The brewery now produces about 1,000 barrels a year and barely keeps up with demand. Meanwhile, the brewery’s beers keep winning regional and national awards. OSB was a big winner at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards taking GOLD for Renegade IPA and BRONZE for Ruud Awakening IPA. OSB has been honored this award season with gold for both the Brewer’s Reserve Imperial Stout and Uncle Big’s Brown at the North American Brewer’s Association beer competition in June 2014. OSB’s Ruud Awakening IPA was also recently named in “The 20 Best American IPAs” by Hi Consumption.

Old Schoolhouse Brewery (OSB) has made the decision to stay small and focus on quality, said co-owner Casey Ruud. At their small brewery, they strive to create microbrews that satisfy both the discerning hop heads and those who prefer a lighter taste.  The rewards for staying small have been a series of awards at beer competitions around the United States, including two gold medals from the 2014 North American Brewer’s Association competition, and a gold and bronze at the Washington Beer Awards, where OSB was named Small Brewer of the Year in 2013. OSB is distributed widely across Western Washington.

155 Riverside
Winthrop, WA 98862


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