Our Story

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEver run over your favorite ball cap, from your favorite brewery, with a lawnmower? Todd has (long story). That was 10 years ago and we still have not been able to replace it. Michele has a t-shirt she purchased from a local brewery in Montana, it’s got a lot of mileage on it and she’s not allowed to wear it in public anymore. Replacing these items is impractical – our swag was purchased from breweries located hundreds of miles from our home and they don’t provide online sales of their swag on their websites. Oh we still enjoy their brews, we can purchase their beer at our local market a couple miles away. However, to purchase their swag we must travel hundreds of miles to their place of brewing. One time, we called a brewery and ordered a couple swag items over the phone; three weeks and two failed delivery attempts later, we still didn’t have the goods. This is wrong. Fact of the matter is, breweries do what they do best: brew awesome beer. We can get their swag to the masses. This is right.

The time and expense of providing online swag sales for most small breweries is not practical. They didn’t get into the business of brewing beer so they could sell hats and t-shirts. This is where we come in. Craftbrewswag.com was founded in 2013 by Todd and Michele Andersen to provide craft brew fans an opportunity to conveniently purchase swag from their favorite breweries. Based in rural Northern Idaho, we’re teaming up with small breweries throughout the Northwest to get their gear to you via the World Wide Web. Your favorite brewery may be hundreds of miles away but you drink their beer at your local watering hole. Now you can stroll in wearing their latest swag. The world is a better place.

-Todd and Michele