Hi Brewers!

We’re here to help beer enthusiasts celebrate great brewers like you.


This is how it works:

  1. You decide what artwork/logo you want to have on merchandise that is sold through craftbrewswag.com

  2. We contact you to discuss how you want us to use your artwork (e.g. logo on the front, artwork on the back) and merchandise options (t-shirt color, hat color/patterns, etc.)

  3. We make the stuff according to your specs and put it on our site for the general beer loving public to see.

  4. Customers come to our site and order the stuff.

  5. We process orders and ship the stuff.

  6. We give you $2/item sold to keep or to donate to the charity of your choice.

  7. We donate $1/item sold.


A bit more detail…

  1. Being a small start-up, our initial merchandise offering will be limited with the intent of broadening our offerings as we grow. Our standard T-shirt will be a 100% cotton, heavyweight (>5oz.), crewneck in a range of colors. If you prefer a different shirt type we will be happy to accommodate.

  2. Our strategy is to produce the merchandise that we sell on craftbrewswag.com., NOT the merchandise you sell at your location. However, if you are in need of merchandise for your location, we would be happy to discuss that with you.

  3. Craftbrewswag will donate $1/item sold to charity. Partners that wish to contribute any part of their distribution from the sale of their merchandise on craftbrewswag.com will be able to help determine where the money is donated.

  4. We’ll upload all sorts of info about your brewery, beer styles, location etc to give customers a feel for who you are. (We market for you!)

  5. You share the word with your fans by providing linking to us on your website and you can even get some cool CraftBrewSwag.com coasters for your tasting room if you want, what evs.


Top 3 Reasons to Sign up!

  1. We make it easy to get your swag to a great audience. This is excellent marketing for your brand.

  2. You’re helping raise money for charity OR You could make a few bucks.

  3. T-Shirts are great. Everyone likes T-shirts.

To get started either sign up here and we’ll contact you or give us a call at 208-304-3451.